About Us

Chardonnay "n" Canvas is excited about our new location in Greenville, SC! We are an art entertainment studio that focuses on creating a fun environment for people who love art and want to paint some of their very own. The process is an easy step by step instruction plan using acrylic paint in which we lead you from beginning to end. Visit the website "Calendar Page" to make your selection and reserve your spaces. When you arrive you check in and get comfortable at your own space. Everything is already prepared with what you will need for the evening. Paint brushes, paint, apron, canvas, etc... You bring your beverage of choice (maybe a nice Chardonnay) and enjoy painting a wonderful work of art that will last for a lifetime! 

We believe in Giving Back to the Community. We partner with several local businesses and schools to make sure we are continuing to give back to those who need help or instruction to make our communities stronger. Interested in becoming a partner visit Contact Us.