Q: How much does it cost per class?
A: The price is $21 per class. Always check the details for the selection you are interested in. Special classes can vary

Q: Do I need a reservation?

A: Yes, if there is room we allow walk-ins but only if there is room. We do not hold spaces for people who have not reserved their spot. Yes, you will still have to pay online with a credit card.


Q: Why do I have to pay online?

A: This allows you to already have your payment taken care of. This way you can arrive and enjoy setting up with your friends and getting situated. Walk-ins are allowed if there is room and you still pay using a credit card through our online system.


Q: Are beverages for sale?

A: We provide you with cups and bottle openers. We do not sell, serve, or stock any alcoholic beverages. We do have soft drinks in cans for sale.


Q: What if I want to bring something else to drink?
A: You can bring “any” beverage you desire--We encourage responsible drinking and of course federal laws apply. We provide cups and bottle openers.

Q: Is food okay?

A: Snacks or appetizers are welcome. Being mindful of others is a top priority with us so please do not bring meals or food that tends to create an odiferous environment. We want everyone to enjoy their experience. 


Q: When is the new monthly schedule posted?
A: We post new art every month. Visit the site or join our social links for updates on when new art has been posted. Facebook are the best ways!
Q: What if I have never painted before?
A: Don’t be anxious, the process was made for individuals with little or no painting experience. Our skilled instructors will guide you from start to finish.
Q: What time should I arrive for class and how much time does it take?
A: Please arrive 15-20 Mins early to the class. This gives you plenty of time to get situated and find a seat. Class starts at 7pm. Typically a class is 2 hours long and you leave with your completed artwork. If you are more than 20 minutes late, you will be asked to reschedule (and can subject to a rescheduling fee).

Q: What should one wear?
A: We provide aprons. Wear comfortable clothing. We are causal at the Cabernet Canvas and we encourage you on your visit to feel the same way. Remember it is painting with acrylic paints.

Q: Can you handle private parties?
A: Yes, there is a 10 person minimum. $120 non-refundable deposit is required to save your date with pricing at $21 per person. Private parties are allowed to pick their own painting from our gallery. We have several options available for private parties including but not limited to:
Kids, Teens, Couples, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Corporate, Sororities Contact Us for more details
Q: What if we don’t have 10 people?
A: We have other options available to best facilitate your needs.
Q: Can I use coupons from 3rd parties?
A: Any coupons from 3rd parties must reserve 48 hours ahead of time by email. (Groupon customers) Instructions are found on the calendar page. Limited spaces available, No holidays, cannot be used for private events
Q: What if I have to cancel my reservation?
A:  Cancellation of reservations must be given 24-48 hours in advance. "No call, no shows" are subject to a $10 Rescheduling fee, which is to be paid upon arrival.